A Node.js-based static site generator

static-site-express is a simple Node.js based static-site generator that uses EJS and Markdown. You can deploy your static site to the Netlify cloud computing platform. Deploy, customize, and write your own blog.

Get Started with static-site-express

1. Installation

Clone my repository:

  git clone https://github.com/SalsaBoy990/static-site-express

Or use the 'Deploy to Netlify' button.

2. Build your site

Build site into the /public/ folder:

  npm run build

Serve website on localhost:4000:

  npm run serve

3. Publish your website

Register at Netlify and see the 2-min tutorial video.

Click on the ‘New site from Git’ button on your Netlify dashboard. Select your GitHub repository. Do NOT change the deploy settings, because I already set them in the netlify.toml config file.


If you have a problem or a question about static-site-express, open an issue here.

Or use my nice Netlify-powered contact form below!

Contact Me

Hi, my name is András Gulácsi, a UI/UX designer, front-end developer, JAMstack enthusiast. smile